Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday, November 26, 2012

the glasses...

So as I previously mentioned Ash ended up needing glasses.  He was really excited to get them and looks so VERY cute in them:

He wore them for a day or two, and then he was over them.  Won't wear them at all.  His doctor said he'll probably be fine in kindergarten, but he'll probably need them for first grade, so we don't push him much yet to wear them.  Even though he is really SO cute with them on!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mobile Emers

Emers started walking by holding my hands and within a few days he'd decided he could do it all alone. And true to the Davies boys he thinks he needs to run every where. The most adorable part is that before he starts to run he says "go go go". Pretty dang cute.

He doesn't need my hand but he does still like me around so he'll grab my fingers and pull me along when he wants the company. So cute.

Every day we take ash to school then come home and em leads me around the neighborhood. Admiring and touching all the plants. Getting excited over bugs. Throwing rocks. Normal boy stuff.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what's new?

Wanna know what's new with us?

Here's a rundown...

1.  Em threw my phone in the toilet.  So I lost all my pictures over the last year and have a cheap phone with no camera or internet.  It's been a sad month.  Please bless I can get my hands on the new iphone quickly.

2.  Ash got glasses.  When Dr. Shakula said he might have bad eyes we went to have them checked.  Turns out he was right.  About 20/50.  He now has cute little glasses, which he loved for a day and now could care less about.  The eye doc said he'll probably not care about them until first grade, and then he'll probably need them for school.

3.  Emers has started walking.  He can make it almost across the room.  We are still in the wobbly phase, but it's exciting to see him do it.  I honestly think I'll need a leash for him when he's really mobile, but hopefully he will start to listen to me better by then.

4.  Ash and Tom started karate.  They've only been once, but they both seem to love it and are excited to continue learning.

5.  Tom is coaching Ash's soccer team.  Tom loves working with all the kids, and Asher loves playing.  For someone who can't see well, he really has a gift at playing soccer.  He scores about two goals every game.  Last season we promised him legos if he got five goals, which he quickly did, so this season it's up to 9.

6.  Ash started kindergarten.  He loves it.  Both his little friends moved out of our neighborhood about a month before school started and he was ready to get out and play with some kids.  The first day he told me it was "freaking awesome".  Every day now he says it's just still the same, super fun.  He really likes PE and the ipods.  His little friend Gwen from soccer is in his class, and he has to say good bye to her everyday.


this post is LATE. poor em. the second child is not as spoiled as the first. i actually started it once, but between emers pushing buttons and me clicking too fast it got deleted.


Emers turned one August 2nd. In my mind I was thinking "ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way my baby is one. I demand a recount." He is my last. He'll always be my baby and I can't stand that he grows so fast.

Emers at One:
 30 1/2 inches tall (Ash was 30)
24 lbs (Ash was 23)
 head circumference higher than 97th percentile
(we grow big babies)

Emrick got his new teeth the same week as his birthday. He grew three on top and two on the bottom, all at the same time. He is a sweet and patient baby. He will sit in his crib and play with his animals and patiently wait for me to come get him. He watches everything with his big eyes and drinks it all in.

Emers is persistent. Persistently naughty. He knows what he wants to do and he will do whatever it takes to do it. Even if its something he shouldn't. He really likes to unroll the toilet paper, push the buttons on our TV system, and pull things out of the cabinets. I never had to childproof with Ash. If I said no, he didn't do it. If I tell Em no, he's bound and determined to now do it.

Em has such a fun personality. He's more reserved than Asher was. He doesn't smile at just anyone, but if he likes you he will scream and smile when he sees you. He plays peekaboo and laughs at himself. He is pretty adorable. My favorite little thing he does is stretch out on his belly on the floor and play with some little toy he's stolen from Ash. Just laying there all lazy like and playing. I find that to be just about the cutest thing.

Em's favorites:

Favorite Toys:
Electronics (phones, ipad, anything with buttons)
Prayer Bear (he snuggles it all the time and sleeps with it)
Soccer Balls
Mostly anything loud with buttons to push and lights

Favorite Foods:
Fruit (any kind... mango is iffy)
He'll eat just about anything, but fruit is always the winner.

 Favorite Treats:
Vanilla Wafers
Kit Kats
Mini M&Ms

Em doesn't talk as well as Ash did at this age. He has a few words, but he mostly jabbers in baby talk. We get mama, dada, buba (ash), ki (kitty), baba (bottle), and some random close sounding stuff.

Em and Ash actually get along really well. Ash is old enough he wants to be the big kid and he really likes to take care of Em and help him. They like to putter around together and share treats.

Now that he's a year and one month he's decided it's time to walk. He's been trying to go farther and farther and at this point he can basically make it across the room. He's still a little teetery, but he does pretty good for a little guy.

When Em came there was a lot going on in my life. He rode along through the storm with me with such patience. When it comes to Em, I really miss my dad the most. I wish he could see him growing into such an awesome little man. And I know my dad would be one of the people who would appreciate his little personality the most. Hopefully he gets to watch over him a lot and sees it.

We are so lucky to have this special little guy who brings so much fun and laughter into our lives.

Monday, September 10, 2012

with love, Emers

*posted via Emers and my old iPhone. That kid is way to smart. He knows how to slide the bar across and open it to play with the apps. I had a blog posting app on there and this is the result. Stinker.

Monday, June 25, 2012

He's five folks...

Asher turned five! I know... gulp... five! Like ready to start kindergarten five. Yikes.

At five this kid is cute and funny and adorable and bossy. He is the life of the party. Everyone wants to hang out with him (although I wonder why sometimes, because did I mention the bossy part?). He says the funniest stuff. He remembers everything. Including all the funny stuff we say, which he total understands and repeats later at the perfect moment.

At five, this kid can talk. We're talking like better than a 10 year old sometimes. He says what he thinks, he doesn't hesitate to tell people what to do, and he isn't afraid to ask what everything means (so that he can see if he wants to catalog it in his huge brain and repeat it later).

Even though he is such a great speaker, he still uses the wrong words for some things and I find it adorable. Maybe because it reminds me he's still a kid.
Instructions = Constructions
Beginning = Be-g-endings

He loves to scream and dance. Anytime I try to take a picture this is what I get:

One of Ash's greatest traits is that his moral compass points due north. There is no crossing the boundaries. He doesn't want to be in trouble. If I offer him a sip of my diet coke in public, he's like but they will get mad at me mom. Who? The workers and the other moms. He won't take candy without asking first. He won't even go to the bathroom without asking first. (he still poops naked though... I find this very odd, but it works for him). He knows the rules and he doesn't break them.

Ash has been playing soccer and it's become apparent that he is a natural. He is a great forward. He doesn't like to get involved in the little pushing groups (goes against that moral compass thing) that surround the ball in the 4 year old teams, but he stands around the edge, waits for the ball to come out, scoops it up and off he goes. He can kick the ball so hard he can score from mid-field. He usually scores about 4 goals a game. He can't understand why Tom and I don't do the same.

Ash's faves at 5:

Fishing (anytime, any place)
Playing with Legos
Playing Wii or Xbox
Playing with friends

Chicken Nuggets
Stacy's famous phili clubs
Cheese Sticks
White donuts
(he's a picky eater... I usually have to force him a little)

Captain Ahoys (what he calls chips ahoys!)
Hershey Kisses
(reeses have taken a back seat... I think he ate too many)

He has grown so much in the last month or two. At his doctor's appt he weighed 42 pounds and was 42 inches. I think last I measured it was 39 pounds and 40 inches.

At Ash's doctor's appt his eye site measured 50/20... so it looks like we are off to the eye doc to get that checked out. Get real... glasses or no glasses this kid is still so freaking cute.